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How to choose the best photos for a caricature?

In order to draw a beautiful caricature in high quality, we need a suitable for drawing photo of each person.

Please look for a photo which is:

  • big, clear and in high quality
  • shows the face from the front (the photo should not be taken from above or below the face)
  • not cropped (there is no issue if there are other people on the photo)
  • not a screenshot
  • not too dark
  • not blurred

Tip: Go through your Facebook profile or another social media account and you will probably find a photo which would be suitable for us to draw from.

When choosing the photo keep in mind that we draw one face from one photo only.

Therefore please keep in mind:

  • the hairstyle on the photo should be the same as the one you want on the caricature
  • the person should not be looking up or down
  • the eyes could be looking slightly left or right
  • if the person does not smile on the photo, there is no way for us to draw a smile on their face.

Did you choose the best photo? 

Now zoom it!

  • Do you distinguish the color of the eyes?
  • Do you distinguish the color of the hair?
  • Do you distinguish all the typical facial features?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, this means that the photo is suitable for drawing a caricature out of it. 

Two photos in one caricature

There is no need all the people to be on the same photo when you order a caricature with more than one person. Each face can be drawn from a different photo.

It is not recommended to send photos that show your full body. Although this is how we will see a person's dress style and posture, often the size and resolution of the photo are compromised.

We do everything possible to work with each photo you send us.

We know that it is not easy to find the perfect portrait photos of you or your friends. Our artists know that too..

We will draw the best artwork with the photos you send us unless we know for sure that this is impossible.

It is worth taking some time to choose a large and clear image that captures well the features of the face. Then you will receive a caricature that really captures the person from the photo!